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Arizona. Gila County Records

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Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records - History and Archives

Scope of Collection

SG 1. Assessor.

Index to assessment rolls. 1917-1919. 1 c.f. (3 volumes).
Volumes contain a list of names, entered alphabetically as an index to assessment rolls for the years, 1917-1919.

SG 3. Coroner.

Inquests. 1881-1954. 2.3 c.f. (2 boxes, 1 volume and 9 rolls of microfilm).
Inquests are indexed and arranged chronologically. The microfilmed index lists cases 26-999 (1-25 missing) of District Court, Justice Court and Superior Court. These include proceedings, testimony on verbatim accounts, and are signed by jury members and the Justice of the Peace, ex officio Coroner.

SG 4. Justice of the Peace.

Dockets. 1916-1967. Fraction c.f. (2 boxes).
Records include defendant dockets, 1916-1967. Most charges are misdemeanors. Included are accompanying papers and documents.

SG 5. Recorder.

Appointments. 1881-1954. 1 c.f. (1 box).
Records include appointments of court reporters, Sheriffs' deputies, deputy registration officers and deputy treasurers, 1881-1908 and 1889-1926.

Statistical reports. 1884-1908. Fraction c.f. (1 box).
These reports are agricultural, arranged alphabetically by name of owner. Individuals and companies are listed.

Abstracts and deeds. 1899-1908. Fraction c.f. (1 box).
These contain warranty deeds, orders confirming sales, trustees deeds, bonds and a deed of trust for parcels of land in Globe.

Bank loan agreements. 1903. Fraction c.f. (1 box).
This is an agreement between the Miners and Merchants Bank of Globe and G. D. Barclay, A. G. Pendleton and H. L. Higdon to borrow $4,500 from the bank.

Mortgages. 1903-1906. Fraction c.f. (1 box).

Realty mortgages, 1903 and 1906, are written for Hugh L. Higdon and Olive Higdon for block 55 of Globe townsite and paid by the Gila Valley Bank and Trust Company.

SG 6. Sheriff.

Fees and license taxes. 1929-1931. Fraction c.f. (1 volume).
This is a cashbook and running account list (by name) of payments made to the County Treasurer.

SG 7. Superintendent of Schools.

Board of Trustee minutes. 1881-1894. Fraction c.f. (5 rolls of microfilm).
Meeting minute books, 1881-1894, consist mostly of petitions for school districts to be established and monthly teacher reports and orders for salary. Accounts and finances are noted, appointments made and certificates issued. School census marshals' reports. 1882-1920. Fraction c.f. (4 rolls of microfilm).

SG 8. Superior Court.

Clerk of the Court. 1880-1953. 10.5 c.f. (10 boxes, 15 volumes and 10 rolls of microfilm).
Records include minutes, 1881-1947; attorneys' rosters and jury reports, 1881-1928; judgment books, 1881-1905; civil and criminal bonds, 1880-1912; exhibits, 1892-1918; reporters' transcripts for selected cases, 1912-1913; correspondence of Judge C. C. Faires, 1941-1953; and writs of habeas corpus, 1881-1907. Minutes, 1881-1947, include rules of Superior Court, Gila County, 1912. Preceding the District Court minutes is a roll of attorneys. There are minute books of the 5th Judicial District, 1905-1907. Both 2nd Judicial District and 5th Judicial District records are represented. Correspondence of Judge C. C. Faires, 1941-1953, includes subjects such as the Bushmasters, Arizona Civilian Defense Council, Arizona Children's Home Association, National Defense Committee and cases in the Gila County Superior Court.

Civil Division. 1881-1981. 43 c.f. (35 boxes, 20 volumes and 167 rolls of microfilm).
Records include registers of actions and feebooks, 1881-1937; registers of actions indices, 1885-1950; docket books, 1881-1903; case files, 1881-1929; unclaimed marriage licenses, 1889-1953; marriage licenses and certificates, 1881-1970; and marriage affidavits, 1891-1969 and 1978-1981. Some marriage licenses have the notation cancelled and include letters of explanation, 1889-1953. Marriage affidavits, 1891-1969 and 1978-1981, are arranged alphabetically within year by male name. Consents to marriage of minors signed by parents are included.

Criminal Division. 1881-1933. 14 c.f. (9 boxes, 16 volumes and 31 rolls of microfilm).
Records include registers of actions, 1881-1933, and case files, 1881-1929.

Probate Division. 1864-1979. 20.5 c.f. (15 boxes, 19 volumes and 99 rolls of microfilm).
Records include indices to probate matters, 1881-1926; probate minutes, 1864-1865 and 1881-1932; registers of actions, 1913-1929; feebook, 1923-1924; bonds, 1880-1911, and administrator, executor and guardian bonds, 1880-1935; registers of estate and guardianship, 1881-1897; letters of administration, 1903-1910; wills, 1881-1935 and 1979; inventories and appraisals, 1903-1910; indices to insanity and guardianship records, 1881-1944; insanity records, 1881-1939; insanity cases, 1882-1929; and naturalization records, 1894-1912. Bonds, 1880-1911, are for estates and include name of guardian and minor children. A reel of inventories and appraisements, 1903-1910, includes an alphabetical name index, oaths and appointments of appraisers and administrators, and appraisals of estates with cash amounts. Administrators, executors and guardians, 1908-1910, include decrees of settlement and distribution orders appointing administrators, approving guardians, sale of personal property and real estate. Indices to insanity/guardianship cases, 1881-1944, contain an alphabetical name index to the cases. Naturalizations, 1894-1912, contain certificates of intention filed alphabetically. All papers are together and may be marked dismissed or denied.

Grand Jury. 1881-1915. 2.6 c.f. (4 boxes and 3 rolls of microfilm).
Records include Grand Jury dismissals (subpoenas), 1882-1915; jury venires, 1908; and Grand Jury case files, 1881-1915. The records are arranged alphabetically by year. There may be date gaps in the records. Grand and trial jury venires are available for 1908. Grand Jury reports, 1881-1928, include the first Grand Jury report for Gila County and other topical reports. There are also rosters of the Noftsger Hill Hose Co. #2.

SG 9. Board of Supervisors.

Minutes. 1881-1969. Fraction c.f. (1 file folder and 10 rolls of microfilm).
Records include minute books, 1881-1969.


Gila County was established February 8, 1881, as the ninth county. It was established from parts of Maricopa and Pinal counties. In 1889, Gila County enlarged itself by purchasing land from Yavapai County. This county was named after the Gila River, and the county seat has always been in Globe.


Arizona. Gila County


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