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Arizona. Graham County Records

Collection Located At

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records - History and Archives

Call Number

RG 104

Scope of Collection

SG 1. Assessor.

Statistics. 1884. Fraction c.f. (1 volume).
Statistics relate mainly to agriculture, mines and milling.

Assessment roll. 1881;1886-1900;1905. Fraction c.f. (1 volume, 3 rolls of microfilm).
Assessment rolls, 1886-1900 and tax roll, 188l. The recaps at end notes of the 1905 volume "less exemption 147 widows," then lists amount and revised total.

SG 4. Justice of the Peace.

Third Precinct records. 1909-1910. Fraction c.f. (1 box).
Records include the appointment of the Justice and his correspondence, 1909; court cases, 1909-1910; marriage license applications, criminal complaints, garnishment and judgment papers.

Civil/Criminal docket. 1909-1910. Fraction c.f. (1 volume).
This volume contains a record of the proceedings in cases.

SG 5. Recorder.

Deeds. 1881-1901. (7 rolls of microfilm)
Records include an index to deeds for 1881-1937 for grantees and grantors, deeds 1881-1901, and deeds of real estate, 1872-1883.

Great registers. 1882-1920. (3 rolls of microfilm)

Homesteads. 1882-1948. (1 roll of microfilm)
The microfilm includes an index to homesteads from 1882-1984 and homesteads, 1882-1948.

Land Patents. 1881-1983. (1 roll of microfilm)
The roll of microfilm is an index to land patents for grantors, 1890-1940 and grantees 1881-1983.

Mill Sites. 1881-1940. (1 roll of microfilm)
The microfilm includes an index to mill sites, 1881-1964 and mill sites, 1881-1940.

Mines. 1881-1902. (8 rolls of microfilm)
Microfilm includes an index to deeds of mines for 1879-1984 of grantees and grantors and deeds of mines, 1881-1902, two indices to mines, 1901-1949 and 1880-1903 and a record of mines, 1881-1902..

Miscellaneous. 1881-1901. (2 rolls of microfilm)
Microfilm includes an index to miscellaneous records, 1881-1950 and miscellaneous records, 1881-1901.

Mortgages. 1881-1901. (4 rolls of microfilm)
The microfilm includes an index to real estate mortgages, 1881-1933, real estate mortgages, 1880-1901, an index to chattel mortgages 1881-1949, chattel mortgages, 1881-1903, release of chattel mortgages, 1894-1909 and an index to assignments of mortgages and leases, 1881-1915, an index to releases of real property mortgages, 1887-1949, releases of real property mortgages, 1888-1909, an index to releases of personal property mortgages, 1890-1916 and an assignment of mortgages, 1887-1912.

Powers of Attorney. 1881-1909. (1 roll of microfilm)
The microfilm includes an index to powers of attorney, 1881-1984 and powers of attorney, 1881-1909.

Safford voter registrations. 1926. Fraction c.f. (1 volume).

SG 8. Superior Court

Clerk of the Court. 1883-1957. (8 rolls of microfilm)
Microfilm consists of Minutes of the District Court, 1883-1914 and Superior Court 1914-1957.

Civil Division. 1881-1958. (65 boxes, 24 rolls of microfilm)
Records include Registers of Civil Actions 1882-1922, Index to Civil Actions, 1902-1919, judgment Dockets, 1883-1917, judgment books, 1883-1917, 1938-1953, civil cases, 1883-1937, divorces, 1899-1937.

Marriage records, 1881-1958, have an index.

Probate Division. 1881-1967. (28 boxes, 34 rolls of microfilm, 1 volume)
Records include insanity, 1886-1957, Index to wills, 1889-1967, wills, 1883-1937, Administrator’s, Executor’s & Guardian’s bonds, 1882-1915, Register of Estates & Guardianships, 1883-1889, Register of Proceedings & Fee Book, 1889-1929, Minutes of the Probate Court, 1881-1930, probate cases, 1882-1926 and naturalization records, 1884-1973.

SG9. Board of Supervisors.

Minutes. 1881-1948. (4 rolls of microfilm)

SG 11. Treasurer.

Ledgers. 1937-1976. 2.3 c.f. (5 volumes).
Volumes include general ledgers of county accounts receivable, cash clearing, arranged alphabetically, 1937-1976, and sewer and public works, 1951-1968.


Graham County was established March 10, 1881, as the tenth county. It was named after Mount Graham. The first county seat was at Safford but was moved in 1883 to Solomonville. It was returned to Safford in 1915. Graham was organized from parts of Apache and Pima counties.


Arizona. Graham County


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