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Abbott, Ade Mining Claims, Pima and Santa Cruz Counties. (1934-1956.)

Abineau, Gaston Photograph Collection.

Aboud, Edward (d. 1980) Abstracts of Titles and Deeds Relating to Real Property in the McKinley Park and Hughes Subdivisions in Tucson. (1924-1927.)

Aboud, Elias (1878-1918) Sonora, Arizona Pool Hall Records. (1915.)

Adams, Amos D. (1848-1916) Diary of a Journey from Missouri to Prescott, Arizona, 1875.

Adams, David Anderson Papers. (1901-1935.)

Adams, David Edward (d. 1935) Reminiscences. (1934-1935.)

Adams, William Y. Inventory of Archaeological Sites in Lower Glen Canyon, 1952 - 1958. (1952 - 1958.)

Aguiar, Jesse Jose Government Decrees and Other Records. (1825-1878.)

Aguirre family: Family and Business Papers. (1907-1975.)

Aitken, Kenneth Prescott High School Graduates. (1905-1930.)

Akin, Louis Letters to W. B. Crane.

Akin, Wayne M. Western Farm Management Company : Business and Personal Papers. (1921-1989.)

Akins, Albert D. World War I Military Services Papers. (1918-1943.)

Aldous, Cora Daugherty Family Photograph Album, 1910-1930. (1910-1930.)

Aldrich, Mark A. (1801-1873) Biographical and Genealogical Papers. (1856-1969.)

Alenius, EMJ Collection. (1920s-1930s.)

Aley, Frank (d. 1910) Papers. (1900-1910.)

Alfa Studio Photograph Collection.

Alfa Studio Snow Sculptures on Northern Arizona University Campus, N.D.

Alianza Hispano-Americana Records. (1894-1962, most after 1930..)

Alkire, Frank Tomlin Personal and Business Papers. (1886-1912.)

Allen, Charles R. (1846-1925) Photographs. (1890-1895.)

Allison Family Biographical Papers. (1870-1968.)

Alverson, Leonard Personal Correspondence, Papers. (1933-1939.)

American Constitutional Convention Members : Photograph. (1910.)

American Indian Dances : Stamp Collection.

American Philosophical Society Hopi Language

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Arizona Records. (1971-1977.)

American Rock Art Research Association Thirteenth Annal Symposium.

Amos, George H. Business and Legal Papers. (1879-1900.)

Ancient Order of United Workmen Records. (1895-1909.)

Anderson, John B. Mining and Personal Papers. (1870-1948.)

Anderson, John W. (d. 1903) Papers. (1884-1888.)

Apache Buick Motor Company Records. (1927-1929.)

Appel, Nathan Benjamin Biographical Information. (1865-1886.)

Architecture and Design

Archive of Visual Arts

Arizona Welsh History Collection. (1980s.)

Arizona Desert Rats Meeting at Cochise Stronghold Home of John A. Rockfellow. (1938.)

Arizona Federation of Women Yearbooks and Records. (1905-1967.)

Arizona Gems and Lapidary Collection.

Arizona Historical Society Appeal to Members re Apache Indian Outbreaks from the Reservation. (1885-1886.)

Arizona Improvement Company Business Records. (1907-1930.)

Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum Foundation.

Arizona Mines.

Arizona Movies.

Arizona Museum Association: Records

Arizona Rangers Photograph Album. (1957-1965.)

Arizona Rangers Records and Ephemera. (1958-1970.)

Arizona State Museum. Cultural Resources Division: Project Records

Arizona State Museum. Highway Salvage Program: Records, 1952-1981

Arizona State Museum. Research Division. Archaeology Office: Records

Arizona State Museum. Research Division: Records

Arizona Territorial and Modern Business

Arizona Tourist Destinations: Photographs. (1918-1919.)

Arizona Type Specimen Mineral Collection.

Arizona Wonder Circuit Tours Prospectus. (1924.)

Arizona. Fifth District Court Records. (1904-1924.)

Arizona. Apache County Records.

Arizona. Atomic Energy Commission Records.

Arizona. Attorney General Records. (1864-1947.)

Arizona. Board of Accountancy Cash Receipt Journals. Fraction c.f. (2 volumes). (1933-1940.)

Arizona. Board of Barbers Records. (1929-1971.)

Arizona. Board of Basic Science Examiners Records. (1933-1966.)

Arizona. Board of Directors of State Institutions Records.

Arizona. Board of Embalmers Records.

Arizona. Board of Medical Examiners Records. (1903-1986.)

Arizona. Board of Optometry Records. (1907-1950.)

Arizona. Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery Licenses. (1949-1956.)

Arizona. Board of Pardons and Paroles Records. (1975-1978.)

Arizona. Board of Pesticide Control Records. (1953-1968.)

Arizona. Board of Pharmacy Records. (1935-1969.)

Arizona. Board of Regents Correspondence. (1984-1985.)

Arizona. City of Bisbee Records

Arizona. City of Bisbee Records.

Arizona. City of Coolidge Records.

Arizona. City of Florence Records

Arizona. City of Globe Records

Arizona. City of Holbrook Records

Arizona. City of Morenci Records.

Arizona. City of Nogales Records.

Arizona. City of Page Records

Arizona. City of Phoenix Records

Arizona. City of Prescott Records

Arizona. City of Sierra Vista Records

Arizona. City of Tempe Records

Arizona. City of Tombstone Records

Arizona. City of Tucson Records

Arizona. City of Wilcox Records

Arizona. City of Yuma Records

Arizona. Civil Defense Agency Records. (1950-1957.)

Arizona. Civil Rights Commission Records. (1966-1972.)

Arizona. Cochise County Records. Records

Arizona. Coconino County Records Records

Arizona. Colorado River Commission Records. (1927-1944.)

Arizona. Commission on Indian Affairs Records. (1936-1966.)

Arizona. Commission on the Arts and Humanities Records. (1977.)

Arizona. Copper Tariff Board Records. (1955-1984.)

Arizona. Corporation Commission Records. (1870-1982.)

Arizona. Department of Administration Records (1946-1976.)

Arizona. Department of Agriculture Records.

Arizona. Department of Corrections Records. (1973-1977.)

Arizona. Department of Economic Security Records.

Arizona. Department of Education Records.

Arizona. Department of Health Services Records.

Arizona. Department of Transportation Records.

Arizona. Environmental Planning Commission Records. (1973-1975.)

Arizona. Ethics Board Records. (1975-1981.)

Arizona. Federal Government Records

Arizona. Fruit and Vegetable Standardization Service Records. (1929-1955.)

Arizona. Game and Fish Commission Records.

Arizona. Geological Survey Records. (1957-1991.)

Arizona. Gila County Records

Arizona. Governor (1893-1896 : Hughes) Records. (1895.)

Arizona. Governor (1897-1989 : McCord) Records. (1897-1898.)

Arizona. Governor (1902-1905 : Brodie) Records. (1902-1905.)

Arizona. Governor (1905-1909 : Kibbey) Records. (1905-1908.)

Arizona. Governor (1909-1912 : Sloan) Records. (1909-1912.)

Arizona. Governor (1912 … 1932 : Hunt) Records. (1912-1934.)

Arizona. Governor (1919-1923 : Campbell) Records. (1917-1922.)

Arizona. Governor (1929-1931 : Phillips) Records. (1929-1930.)

Arizona. Governor (1933-1937 : Moeur) Records. (1933-1936.)

Arizona. Governor (1937-1939 : Stanford) Records. (1927-1938.)

Arizona. Governor (1939-1940 : Jones) Records. (1939-1940.)

Arizona. Governor (1941-1948 : Osborn) Records. (1941-1948.)

Arizona. Governor (1948-1951 : Garvey) Records. (1939-1950.)

Arizona. Governor (1951-1955 : Pyle) Records.

Arizona. Governor (1955-1959 : McFarland) Records. (1951-1958.)

Arizona. Governor (1959-1965 : Fannin) Records. (1941-1966.)

Arizona. Governor (1965-1967 : Goddard) Records. (1951-1966.)

Arizona. Governor (1967-1975 : Williams) Records

Arizona. Governor (1975-1977 : Castro) Records.

Arizona. Governor (1977-1978 : Bolin) Records. (1977-1978.)

Arizona. Governor (1978-1987 : Babbitt) Records. (1978-1986.)

Arizona. Governor (1987-1988 : Mecham) Records. (1976-1987.)

Arizona. Governor Subject Files. (1890-1967.)

Arizona. Governor’s Commission on Arizona Beauty Records.

Arizona. Governor’s Commission on Corrections Planning Records. (1977-1978.)

Arizona. Governor’s Office Records.

Arizona. Graham County Records

Arizona. Greenlee County Records

Arizona. Groundwater Management Study Commission Records. (1977-1981.)

Arizona. Historical Society Records. (1884-1978.)

Arizona. Industrial Commission Records. (1946-1968.)

Arizona. La Paz County Records

Arizona. Law Enforcement Merit System Council Records. (1937-1968.)

Arizona. Livestock Sanitary Board Records. (1897-1952.)

Arizona. Maricopa County Records

Arizona. Mine Inspector Records. (1912-1960.)

Arizona. Mohave County Records

Arizona. National Guard Camp Brodie Records. (1905.)

Arizona. National Guard Company F Records. (1895-1898.)

Arizona. National Guard First Arizona Infantry Regiment photographs. (1904-1909.)

Arizona. Navajo County Records

Arizona. Nuclear Safety Oversight Committee Administration Records. (1979-1981.)

Arizona. Office of Economic Planning and Development Records. (1971-1977.)

Arizona. Office of the State Dairy Commission Records. (1935-1967.)

Arizona. Pima County Records

Arizona. Pinal County Records

Arizona. Power Authority Correspondence. (1939-1948.)

Arizona. Rangers Records. (1901-1965.)

Arizona. Real Estate Board Records. (1943-1971.)

Arizona. Registrar of Contractors Records. (1959-1970.)

Arizona. Resources Planning Board. Administration Records. (1932-1943.)

Arizona. Rio Salado Development District Records. (Most 1962-1987.)

Arizona. Santa Cruz County Records

Arizona. Secretary of State Records.

Arizona. Secretary of the Territory Records. (1863-1942.)

Arizona. Sheep Sanitary Commission Correspondence. (1907-1913 and 1951-1952.)

Arizona. State Auditor Records. (1864-1938.)

Arizona. State Board of Dental Examiners Records. (1928-1974.)

Arizona. State Board of Embalmers Records. (1909-1939.)

Arizona. State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Records

Arizona. State Chemist Records. (1956-1965.)

Arizona. State Council of Defense Records. (1917-1919.)

Arizona. State Government Records : Boards and Commissions.

Arizona. State Land Department Records.

Arizona. State Legislature Records. (1912-1988.)

Arizona. State Library, Archives and Public Records Records.

Arizona. State Lottery Commission Commemorative Lottery Ticket. (1980.)

Arizona. State Prison Records. (1875-1965.)

Arizona. State Treasurer. Records (1868-1959.)

Arizona. Supreme Court Records (1897-1916.)

Arizona. Supreme Court Records. (1865-1972.)

Arizona. Tax Commission Records. (1887-1978.)

Arizona. Town of Springerville Records

Arizona. Town of Springerville Records

Arizona. Women's Commission Records.

Arizona. Yavapai County Records

Arizona. Yuma County Records

Arizona-California Boundary Commission Minutes. (1943.)

Arkills, Mabel Pioneering Along the Rails in Arizona : Manuscript. (1927.)

Arnold, Mary Lou Thompson Hemler Collection. (1946-85.)

Art of the Book Collection

Ashurst, Edward Photographic Collection, 1874-1967. (1874-1976.)

Ashurst, Henry Fountain Political Materials. (1915-1962.)

Ashworth, Donna Gus A. Pearson : Personal Files.

Atlantic and Pacific View Arizona Views. (1898-1900.)

Attakai, Mary Reporter Notebook (1960.)

Atwood, Bayard M. Photograph Collection.

Atwood, Mrs. B. M. Photographs.

Aubineau, Myron Photograph Collection.

Ayer, Edward Everett Reminiscences : Typescript. (1860-1918.)

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Babbitt, Bruce Composition, Distribution, and Sources of the Triassic Chinle Conglomerates. (1960.)

Babbitt, Edward Photograph Collection.

Babbitt, George Photograph Collection.

Babbitt, Herbert Photograph Collection, ca. 1920. (1920.)

Babbitt, James E. Chaco Canyon.

Babbitt, Joseph R., Sr. Catalog of Archaeological Collections and List of Visitors to his Digs.

Baboquivari Cattle Company Cattle Brand Certificates. (1941-1951.)

Baboquivari Peak Registers. (1926-1960.)

Bagg, Stanley Chapman Biographical and Personal Paper. (1883-1896.)

Bahti, Tom Navajo Sandpaintings.

Baier, Fred Alexander D Notes and Manuscripts.

Baier, Fred Alexander Phytogeography and Taxonomy of Pinus Subsection Balfourianae (Bristlecone).

Baier, Fred Alexander Pioneer Aeronautics. (1898-1954.)

Baird, Frederic C. Correspondence re Tuberculosis. (1919.)

Baisch Collection.

Baker, Almeron Joseph Arizona and New Mexico : Photographs. (1912-1917.)

Balthasar, Juan Antonio Report on the Missions in the Province of Sonora, Mexico. (1744.)

Bandelier, Fanny Dominguez-Escalante Journal : Typescript Translation. (1775-1776, translated 1920-1929.)

Bandes, Ray (b. 1924) Archaeological and Historical Research Materials (1955-1970.)

Bank of Clemenceau Papers. (1920s-1930s.)

Banta, Albert Franklin Correspondence and Writings. (1892-1921.)

Barfield, Karl F. Papers. (1898-1965.)

Barker, Mark Archival Collection.

Barnes, Will C. (1858-1936) Arizona History: Papers. (1878-1945.)

Barnes, Will C. (1858-1936) Photographs. (1905-1936.)

Barnett, Clair collection.

Barney, James M. Manuscripts. (1930-1959.)

Barney, Ralph Photograph Collection.

Bartell, Gilbert D. : Papers

Bartlett, John Russell Letter to J. R. Moore re United States-Mexico Boundary. (1852.)

Bass, William Wallace Family and Grand Canyon Tourist Business : Photographs. (1890-1920.)

Bass, William Wallace Personal and Business Papers. (1852-1976.)

Beard, James Photograph Collections, ca. 1900. (1900.)

Becker Family Becker Mercantile Company and Becker Family Papers. (1886-1925.)

Beeson, Hazel Fashion Advertisements. (1915.)

Begay, Jesse James Recordings of Navajo Coyote Way.

Behan, John H. (1845-1912) Biographical Materials. (1875-1900.)

Belden, Josiah (1815-1892) Trip from Rocky Mountains to California : Correspondence. (1841-1845.)

Beltram, Mary Photograph Collection.

Benedict, Albert Case Papers. (1863-1880.)

Benedict-Munds Collection. (1978-1979.)

Bennett,Clarence Edmund Military Life Papers. (1851-1894.)

Benson, John H. Journal of John H. Benson in the Louisa Company Crossing the Missouri. (1849.)

Bent, Thomas W. (d. 1972) Silverbell Road Artifacts : Research Materials. (1924.)

Bentley, Howard Photograph Album. (1900-1925.)

Berrell, George B. Diary. (1909.)

Bethune, Joseph Daniel Records. (1894.)

Birchett, John S. (d. 1890) Diary. (1883-1890.)

Black, Fred Mesa Verde Ruins. (1874, prints made 1937.)

Blacklidge Family Trask and Blacklidge Family Papers. (1880-1971.)

Blair, Dorothy Photograph Collection, ca. 1920.

Blake, Wlliam P. Diaries. (1847-1910.)

Bledsoe, Nelson Charles Personal and Professional Papers. (1931-1959.)

Bledsoe, Nelson Charles Photographs. (1910-1930.)

Bogan, Phoebe M. Papers. (1909-1926.)

Bonberg, Alice Photograph Collection.

Borderlands Collection

Bourne, Eulalia (1892-1984) Papers. (1967-1978.)

Box, Wiley Papers. (1837-1913.)

Boyd, Rich Photograph Collection.

Boyer, Glenn G. Wyatt Earp and Cochise County : Research Materials. (1927-1931.)

Boyle, William Henry Reminiscences of Military Life. (1872.)

Brady, Peter Rainsford Personal Papers. (1864-1933.)

Breathitt, John B. Mining Materials. (1907-1931.)

Brinegar, Thomas P. (b. 1867) Mining Materials. (1906-1936.)

Brinkerhoff, Zella Campbell Photograph Collection, 1900 - 1920s.

Britchta, Augustus (b. 1826) Britchta Family Papers. (1888-1910.)

British and American Literature Book Collection


Brodie, Alexander Oswald Biographical Materials. (1906-1936.)

Brooks Photograph Collection.

Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen Records. (1899-1961.)

Brown, Estelle Aubrey Papers. (1917-1952.)

Brown, Frank J. Papers.

Brown, Fred W. (1861-1939) Family Photographs. (1890-1910.)

Brown, George Adelbert Personal Papers. (1929-1930.)

Brown, Herbert Personal papers. (1890-1913.)

Brown, James Kilroy (b. 1849) Brown and Winsor Family Photographs. (1900-1920.)

Brown, James Kilroy (b. 1849) Family papers. (1879-1882.)

Brown, Olive Stephenson Reminiscences of Pioneer on the Sahaurita Ranch and in Tucson. (1934.)

Brown, Rolin Carr (b. 1844) Personal and Professional Papers. (1889-1934.)

Bruce Babbitt and James Harrington Collection (1910-1950.)

Bryant, Maurine Snapshot Collection. (1915-1936.)

Buchholz, Maud Diary of Trip from Chicago to Arizona. (1902-1903.)

Buckalew, Oscar (b. 1843) Personal Papers. (1868-1910.)

Buggeln, Mrs. Martin Bright Angel Hotel : Registers. (1091, 1904.)

Burch, Dean (1927-1991) Republican Party Materials.

Burnett & Gyberg Company Collection. (1914-1925.)

Burns, Barney T. (b. 1945) Mormon Families Living in Sonoran Colonies. (1895-1917.)

Burrel, Elijio Ranching Activities and San Xavier School. (1890-1940.)

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C. S. Shotwell and Company Grocery Records. (1884-1885.)

C.D. Head & Company papers (1880s)

Cadwallader, S. Correspondence. (1875.)

Callaghan, John C. (b. 1868) Correspondence. (1913-1928.)

Calvillo, Igncio Y. Reminiscences. (1820-1937.)

Cameron, Bill Photograph collection.

Cameron, James Duke Judicial papers. (1968-1991.)

Cameron, Ralph Henry Correspondence. (1908-1912.)

Campbell, Alexander Brodie Arizona history materials. (1914-1964.)

Campbell, John Henry Baca Float number three materials. (1914-1926.)

Campbell, John Henry Business correspondence. (1912-1928.)

Campbell, John Henry Cattle company legal documents. (1890-1921.)

Campbell, John Henry Irrigation and canal legal materials. (1901-1916.)

Campbell, Thomas Edward Photograph album. (1921-1922.)

Cananea Consolidated Corporation Business records. (1898-1916.)

Cannon, Jennie Vennerstro Personal papers. (1910-1952.)

Cantrell, Ruth and Tom papers.

Cargill, Andrew Hays (b. 1844) Personal papers. (1864-1908.)

Carleton, James Henry Proclamation declaring Arizona a territory, 1862. (1862.)

Carpenter, Alice

Carroll, F. L. J. Military papers. (1863-1930.)

Casas Grandes collection.

Cason, Mabel Earp Correspondence with Arizona Historical Society relating to Earp family materials. (1959-1960.)

Cassanega, Thomas D. Reminiscences of law enforcement incidents, Apache attacks. (1883-1935.)

Castillo, Jose del Tucson and Arizona materials created for the Federal Writers Project. (1935-1940.)

Cate, Garth W. Photograph album of Phoenix, Arizona, 1910-1915. (1910-1915.)

Central Arizona Telegraph Business records. (1887-1892.)

Central Copper Company Records and historical materials. (1917-1926.)

Chaffee, Adna Romanza Personal papers and photographs. (1876-1914.)

Chambers, Blanche Riordan Photograph collection, ca. 1920. (1920)

Chambers, Ethel (d. 1968) Mexican food cookbook materials. (1950-1959.)

Chambers, George W. (1901-1978) Business and personal papers. (1880-1945.)

Chambers, Robert Chambers family : photograph collection.

Chamizal Title Company Legal materials relating to land titles in the El Chamizal (Mex. and Tex.) area. (1895-1908.)

Charleston Lead Mining Company Business materials. (1946-1978.)

Charouleau, Anna (1884-1973) Personal papers and photographs. (1934-1958)

Chase, Alexander Wells (b. 1843) Personal journals kept during service with the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. (1866-1869.)

Chattman, Thomas B. (1842-1910) Business papers chiefly relating to the Chicago and Arizona Copper Company. (1881-1911.)

Chicago newspaper photograph collection. (1920-1980)

Childress family Family photographs. (1898-1939.)

Childs, Eugene W. (1856-1926) Personal and business papers. (1880-1930.)

Citizen’s Protective League (Bisbee, Ariz.) Summary of meeting with government officials concerning copper prices, the Bisbee deportation. (1917-1920)

Clark family history.

Clark, William Andrews collection.

Clarke, Phillip M. (1888-1963) Personal papers. (1941-1960.)

Clayton, Wallace Edward (d. 1998) Materials relating to John Clum, Wyatt Earp, and William S. Hart. (1877-1932.)

Clemenceau School PTA collection. (1929-1985)

Clementsen, Roy D. Civilian Conservatin Corps materials. (1933-1934.)


Clum, John Philip (1851-1932) Biographical materials. (1881-1935.)

Coastal mollusks of the United States.

Coconino County photograph collection.

Cohen, Morris Dobbs (1881-1967) Personal papers. (1913-1953.)

Coleman, Evans (1874-1954) Personal papers, cowboy materials. (1938-1954.)

Collingwood, Joseph (d. 1882) Personal and business papers. (1880-1888.)

Collins, Thomas (1884-1966) Political papers. (1930-1954.)

Colton, Harold S. Photograph collection.

Colton, Mary-Russell F. Collection. (1942-1948, 1952.)

Commonwealth Mining and Milling Company Business records. (1895-1917.)

Comparative mineral collection: copper.

Comparative mineral collection: lead.

Comparative mineral collection: quartz.

Comparative osteology collection.

Comparative Peruvian collection.

Comparative shell collection.

Compton, Flora Photograph collection.

Congressional and Political Affairs

Connell, Charles T. (1859-1934) Arizona history materials. (1910-1934.)

Connolly, John P. papers.

Connolly, John papers.

Connor, Margaret collection. (1950s-1970s.)

Contezen family Personal photographs. (1890-1910.)

Contzen family Business papers relating to surveying and real estate. (1901-1954.)

Cook, Charles Henry (1883-1917) Personal papers. (1870-1900.)

Cooley, Corydon E. Military papers. (1883-1913.)

Coolidge Dam dedication album. (1930.)

Coolidge, Dane (1873-1940) Manuscripts. (1907-1932.)

Coolidge, Dane (1873-1940) Photographs. (1909-1911.)

Cooyama, Laura Moqui land allotment to Polehoneva by the United States Government. (1904.)

Copper Bell Mining Compan Report on Gleeson, Ariz. claims. (1903.)

Corbett family Family papers and Arizona history materials. (1875-1900.)

Corbett family Family photographs. (1920-1963.)

Cordis, Thomas (d. 1916) Legal papers. (1864-1903.)

Cottonwood Community Civic Center collection. (1930s-1970s.)

County photograph albums. (1900-1935.)

Couts, Cave Johnson (1821-1874) Military diary. (1846-1849.)

Crawford, S. W. Diary of a trip from El Paso, Tex. to Mexico City. (1856.)

Cree, Allan Personal photographs. (1916-1921.)

Croix, Teodoro de (1730-1791) Tucson Presidio documents. (1774-1780.)

Cronly, Andrew (1835-1918) Business papers. (1881-1916.)

Crook, George (1829-1890) Biographical materials. (1867-1890.)

Cruse, Thomas (1857-1927) Reminiscences of army experiences in Arizona. (1927.)

Culin, Beppie Leslie Roskruge, Wood, and Marshall family papers. (1885-1900.)

Cummings, Byron (1861-1954) Archaeological papers. (1887-1960.)

Cummings, Byron Field notes, correspondences, diary, manuscripts. (ca. 1910 - ca. 1930.)

Curnow, Alice J. My Journey with Tom, or the Law Beyond the Pinals. (1881-1900, written 1940.)

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D. Durrazzo and Company Business papers. (1920-1922.)

Dahlberg, L. Gordon (b. 1909) Medical papers. (1947-1967.)

Dale, Harrison Clifford (b.1885) Correspondence. (1919-1927.)

Daniels, Annie Seayrs (1869-1946) Personal papers and Arizona history materials. (1821-1933.)

Daniels, Benjamin Franklin (1852-1923) Photographs. (1880-1900.)

Daughters of the American Revolution Photograph collection.

Davenport, Minnie Tevis (1874-1962) Arizona history materials. (1859-1957.)

Davidson, Alexander J. Reminiscences of southern Arizona history. (1931-1936.)

Davies, Charles Photographs from Globe, Ariz. vicinity. (1902-1915.)

De Long, Sidney Randolp (1828-1914) Letters to Estevan Ochoa concerning business in Tucson. (1874.)

De Long, Sidney Randolph (1828-1914) Reminiscences of Southern Arizona in the 1860s. (1887-1915.)

de Monmonier, Hubert C. Collection

DeBaud, Charles (1876-1962) Ranching and rodeo photograps. (1907-1948.)

DeHarport, David Udall v. Little case : notes.

Delaney, Bernice Papers. (1918-1950.)

Delgado, Pedro letters. (1930.)

Dellenbaugh, Frederick Samuel (1853-1935) Colorado River materials. (1870-1931.)

Denver, James William (1817-1892) Family correspondence. (1848-1893.)

Dermont, Nellie Photograph collection.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Diamos family Movie theater business materials. (1940-1950.)

Dickensheets, Donald San Xavier Mission and Tohono O'odham photographs. (1940.)

Dietrich, Edgar C. (1877-1926) Survey materials. (1906-1919.)

Dobbs, Elijah W. (b. 1877) Autobiography. (1861-1912.)

Dobyns, Henry F. Ethnohistorical materials from Sonora, Mex. and Arizona. (1950-1993.)

Dodge, Ida Flood (1879-1955) Arizona history materials. (1918-1947.)

Douglas family collection. (1980s.)

Douglas, James (1837-1918) Mining reminiscences and records. (1880-1918.)

Douglas, Walter (1870-1946) Mining photographs. (1897-1898.)

Dozier, Edward P. : Papers

Drachman, Harry Arizona (1869-1951) Business records and family papers. (1898-1949.)

Drachman, Mose (1870-1935) Business papers. (1905-1925.)

Drachman, Samuel Harrison (1837-1911) Personal papers. (1867-1907.)

Dreyfuss family Bail-Heineman business papers and family papers. (1910-1930.)

Duffen, Willam A. Arizona and National Recovery Administration materials. (1916-1961.)

Dunne, Peter Masten (1889-1957) Arizona missions materials. (1956-1957.)

Durham, John (1851-1943) Diaries. (1923-1940.)

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Early Northwest Mexico printing collection. (1827-1837.)

Earp family Historical materials : artificial collection. (1879-1911.)

Earp, Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp family materials. (1925-1936.)

Eckhardt, George B. (1898-1929) Southwest travel logs, history materials, and photographs. (1905-1973.)

Edmonston, William D. (1870-1931) Views of Pike’s Peak region of Colorado by Mr. Standley. (1918.)

El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company Leases and contracts. (1902-1922.)

Eldredge, Louise Hellbron papers. (1924-1925.)

Elias, Joaquin V. Land grant. (1852.)

Ellinwood family Personal and legal papers. (1912-1930.)

Ellinwood, Thomas Rounsevell (1922-1995) Newspaper clippings relating to current issues in Arizona. (1951-1964.)

Elliot, Arthur H. (b. 1851) Personal papers. (1895-1896.)

Ellsworth, Henry Leavitt (1791-1858) Letter to Benjamin Silliman. (1832.)

Elsing, Julia Travel diary of trip from Los Angeles, Calif. to Bisbee, Ariz. (1919.)

Elsing, Morris J. (1883-1959) Mining photographs. (1907-1920.)

Elton, Norman W. Personal papers, chiefly travel memoirs. (1921-1930.)

Emery, R. M. MS 1142 (Ca. 1922)


Erwin, Allen A. John H. Slaughter research materials. (1950-1961.)

Euler, Robert C. Collection.

Ewing, Dorothy doll pattern collection. (1970s (?))

Excavation sites: Active.

Excavation sites: Inactive.

Explorers and Pioneers

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Facsimile Collection

Failor, Herman V. Personal papers of Herman and Olive Failor. (1889-1913.)

Fain papers (1878-1915)

Fairhurst, Charlres J. Scenes of army life near Douglas, Ariz. (1916.)

Falcon Field photograph collection.

Fallis, Earl Border patrol personnel and activities. (1929-1939.)

Farciot, Charles O. (1839-1891) Views of mining operations and city scenes in Cochise and Pinal counties. (1879-1883.)

Feldman, Mary Wilkerson Personal papers. (1914-1930.)

Feldman-Walker family Personal papers. (1883-1940.)

Ferdon, Edwin N. : Papers

Fern, Charlotte Photograph collection.

Fickett, Fred Wildon (1857-1928) Family papers. (1876-1940.)

Figueroa, Paul (b. 1856) Yuma and Spanish colonial historical materials. (1917-1936.)

Fine and Theatre Arts Book Collection

Fish, Joseph (1840-1926) Personal and historical papers. (1906-1926.)

Fish, Joseph Scrapbook. (1897 - 1915.)

Fisk (photographer) Southern Arizona views. (1900-1910.)

Fitts, George Fitts Borthers Mercantile records. (1887-1891.)

Flagg, A. L. Photographs

Flaherty, Marjorie Photograph collection.

Fleming, Mamie McMillan Photograph collection, ca. 1942. (1942)

Fleming, Tom Photograph collection.

Fly, Camillus Sidney (1849-1901) Negotiation and proposed surrender of Geronimo. (1886.)

Foote, H. B. Account of the Days in the Gold Country of California and days in Missouri. (1850-1859.)

Forbes, Robert Humphrey Personal and professional papers. (1915-1950.)

Ford, William M. (1898-1960) Personal papers, principally relating to military service. (1914-1918)

Forrest, Earle R. Letters and photographs. (Ca. 1900 - ca. 1925.)

Forsyth family Forsyth and Wylie family papers. (1885-1965.)

Forsyth, Natalie Beaumont (b. 1862) Personal papers. (1872-1905.)

Fort Lowell (Ariz.) (1960.)

Fort Lowell, Arizona : records. (1869-1907.)

Fort Verde history (1866-1900)

Fossil cast collection.

Foster, John collection.

Fourr, William (1843-1935) Reminiscences. (1864-1983.)

Fowler, Samuel Holman (1889-1949) Personal papers. (1895-1949.)

Franklin, Abraham M. (1857-1932) Franklin and Wildman family papers. (1885-1900.)

Freeman, Frank M. Arizona history materials. (1970-1976.)

Freeman, Viola Pyle (d. 1991) Travel views. (1910-1915.)

Fremont, Jessie Benton (1824-1902) Correspondence. (1898-1906.)

Fuss, Jack Photograph collection.

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Gallagher, Edward J., Jr. Memorial Collection

Gallagher, Edward J., Jr. Museum Bequest

Gally, Robert papers.

Garden History

Gardiner family Personal papers. (1920-1950.)

Gardner, C.S.P. and Charlotte papers.

Garrison, Charles collection. (1910-1920.)

Gatewood, Charles Baehr (1853-1896) Biographical materials. (1883-1953.)

General store (Tucson, Ariz.) records. (1862-1868.)

Genre Collection

Getty, Harry T. : Papers

Ghost City Hill Climb papers. (1959-1962.)

Giclas, Henry L. collection.

Giclas, Henry Photograph collection.

Gifford, James C. Papers

Gila Pueblo Archaeological Foundation: Records, 1928-1950

Gilbert, Hugh C. (1863-1939) Political papers. (1929-1933.)

Gillespie, Anna collection / Objects of Everyday Life (1994-2009)

Gillette, Lottie Beal Photograph collection, ca. 1860 - ca. 1900. (1860-1900)

Gilpin and Greenway Air Lines Company Business records. (1929-1934.)

Ginger, Herb papers.

Giss, Harold C. (1906-1973) Political papers. (1948-1973.)

Glen Canyon Project.

Glover, James Benton (1842-1929) Biographical reminiscences. (1982-1929.)

Glover, Joe letters. (1930s.)

Godfrey, Edward Settle (1843-1932) Correspondence. (1896-1898.)

Goldbaum, Julius (1861-1927) Wholesale liquor and grocery business records. (1890-1904.)

Goldstein, Harry A. (b. 1914) Tucson High School photography class materials. (1953.)

Gonzales, Nazario A. Antonio Urdangarin family papers. (1863-1925.)

Goode, Dorothy Black Photograph collection.

Goodfellow, George Emory (1855-1910) Personal and professional papers. (1867-1975.)

Goodwin, Francis Henry (1835-1892) Personal papers. (1886-1892.)

Goodwin, Grenville : Papers, 1929-1939

Goodwin, John Noble (1828-1887) Proclamations. (1865.)

Gould Copper Mining Company Records. (1905-1908.)

Government papers.

Goyette, C. Edgar (1892-1974) Family photographs. (1940-1960.)

Goyette, C. Edgar (1892-1974) Personal papers relating to Tucson charities. (1932-1945.)

Grant, William Sullivan (b. 1825) Civil War claims. (1862-1868.)

Grasmoen, Venna Photograph collection.

Grasshopper Field School: Records

Gray, John Pleasant (b. 1860) Reminiscences of the Gray family’s settlement in Arizona and New Mexico during the 1880s and 1890s. (1940.)

Green, Francis Jospeh (1906-1995) Personal papers. (1953-1960.)

Green, George W. Travel diary. (1850.)

Greenway, Isabella (1886-1953) Family and political papers. (1932-1945.)

Greenway, Isabella (1886-1953) Political papers. (1890-1936.)

Gregory, Leslie E., 1878-1946 Papers. (1879-1946.)

Grenig, Betty Collection

Griffin, Jewel Photograph collection.

Grossetta family Correspondence and scrapbooks. (1886-1957.)

Guernsey, Sam D. Correspondence. (1910.)

Guthrie, Donald Quinlan (1911-1985) Papers (1883-1960)

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Hacienda San Agustin Atzunpa property records. (1577-1696.)

Hagan, Flossie Whipple (b. 1894) Family photographs. (1910-1915.)

Hale branding irons collection.

Hall, Dick Wick (1877-1927) Personal papers and business records. (1917-1926.)

Halpern, Joel Collection (1957, 1959, 1969)

Hampe, Mathilde (1863-1945) Reminiscences with photographs.

Hance, John (1839-1919) Visitor’s book (1891-1900)

Hancock, James Covington (1860-1937) Reminiscences (1911-1935)

Hand, George O. (1830-1887) Diaries

Hands, Edward John (1866-1939) Reminiscences and biographical materials (1923-1935)

Handy, John Charles (1844-1891) Personal papers and biographical information (1867-1891)

Hank, Jane Collection (1951-1979)

Hanna, Forman (1882-1950) Photographs (1903-1917)

Hanny, Vic E. (1873-1948) Travel diary (1892)

Harbine, Sarah Diary. (1923.)

Hardgrave, Glenn Edwards Scrapbooks. (1917-1930.)

Harold Bell Wright

Harrington, Gwyneth: Papers, 1934-1962

Harris, Charles papers.

Harvey, Byron III Fred Harvey Company materials. (1881 - 1950s.)

Harvey, Byron, III Collection. (ca. 1905 - ca. 1930)

Harvey, Katherine Collection.

Hastings, Katherine Bagg Correspondence. (1882-1887.)

Hathaway, Mary Lucille (1893-1973) Reminiscences (1893-1956)

Hattich, William Business correspondence and records. (1895-1913.)

Haury, Emil W. : Papers

Hawley, Fred Graham (d.1962) Mining records. (1902-1939.)

Hayden, Irwin Papers. (1930s.)

Hayes, Karen Expedition to retrace Loco's band of Chiricahua Apaches into the Sierra Madres in 1882. (1988.)

Haynes, C. Vance: Papers

Haynes, Willis Pearson (1857-1911) Photographs. (1885-1890.)

Healy, Helen Photograph album. (1900-1902.)

Heap, Gwinn Harris Correspondence and report. (1855-1856.)

Heath, Herman H. Correspondence. (1867-1869.)

Heckel Native American pottery collection. (A.D. 700-1400)

Heger, Joseph (b. 1835) Sketches. (1857-1860.)

Heiser, Elizabeth Photograph collection.

Heitt, O.L. (Rose) collection.

Henderson, Esther Lee Cherry (b. 1910) Photographs of Arizona and other Western states. (1954-1958.)

Heney, Ruth Family photographs. (1880-1900.)

Henry, George J. Correspondence and personal papers. (1864-1940.)

Hereford, Francis Henry (1861-1928) Correspondence and business records. (1888-1955.)

Herndon, Elsie Prugh (1869-1955) Photographs. (1895-1934.)

Herndon, Elsie Prugh Personal papers. (1895-1934.)

Herner, Harlan Oposure Mine correspondence and records.

Herrick, Emma Burges (1901-1982) Personal papers. (1900-1959.)

Heywood, Neal (1876-1968) Family papers. (1901-1950.)

Hickok, Clifton Photographs. (1916-1917.)

Hill, Edwin Bliss (1866-1949) Correspondence. (1930-1947.)

Hilles, Henry Lee (1881-1950) Fire department memorabilia. (1900-1949.)

Hinkley, William E. Native American pottery collection. (A.D. 700-1400)

Hinton, Thomas B. : Papers

Historic sites collection.

History of Design

History of Science

Hoberect, Hal Collection.

Hochderffer, George (1863-1955) Autobiography. (1950.)

Hochderffer, George (1863-1955) Photograph collection. (1890-1912.)

Hochderffer, George Photograph collection.

Hochderffer, William Photograph collection.

Hodgman, William W. World War II correspondence. (1943-1946.)

Hohokam artifact collection.

Holden, Madeline Southern Arizona travel photographs. (1921-1922.)

Holliday collection. (1839-1905.)

Holliday photograph collection. (1870-1890.)

Holme, John Francis (1868-1904) Sketches and illustration work. (1890-1904.)

Holsclaw, Douglas S. Legislative materials. (1930-1995.)

Hopely, Joseph Sexton (1851-1924) Personal papers. (1872-1924.)

Howard, Guy Solider's field diary. (1879.)

Howe, Fred music collection.

Hughes, Frederick G. (1837-1911) Papers. (1872-1897.)

Hughes, James Surveyor's notebook. (1914.)

Hughes, Samuel (1829-1917) Business and political papers. (1872-1922.)

Hughes, Thomas (1843-1907) Papers. (1872-1888.)

Huidobro, Manuel Bernal Reports. (1743.)

Hull, Pauline Kitt (d. 1906) Family photographs. (1912-1927.)

Humphreys, Mildred Morris (1892-1988) Travel Snapshots. (1921.)

Huntingdon, Daniel J. W. (b.1879) History papers. (1949-1962.)

Huth, Peter E. Photographs. (1960-1979.)

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Illustrated Blue Jay. (1882.)

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Annual reports. (1907-1915.)

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Records. (1883-1900.)

Industrial Design

Inquisition records.

International Archive of the Martin B-26 Marauder

International Association of Machinists collection.

International Toastmistress Club. Chaparral Chapter. Scrapbook. (1938-1951.)

Irwin Brothers Studio (Ariz.) Arizona and New Mexico scenic photographs. (1925-1929.)

Irwin, Bernard John Dowling (1830-1917) Apache Indians : articles by B. J. D. Irwin. (1876-1934.)

Issoglio, Louis collection.

Iturbide, Joaquin de Decree establishing two Roman Catholic bishoprics in the two Californias. (1836.)

Ivancovich, Jane Harrison (1915-1991)_ Pimeria Alta history: correspondence, publications and photographs. (1950-1965.)

Ives, Eugene S. (1859-1917) Political and legal papers. (1901-1917.)

Ives, Ronald Lorenz (1909-1982) Northern Mexico, Baja California, Arizona, and California explorations : research materials. (1928-1981.)

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Jaastad, Benjamin (1886-1965) Correspondence and manuscripts. (1934-1960.)

Jack, Francis J. Clippings, notes, and articles about Southwestern observations.

Jackson, Mabel Ruth Manuscripts. (1953-1962.)

Jacobs family Business records. (1869-1919.)

Jacome, Katie Hughes (b. 1906) Personal papers and photographs. (1920-1929.)

Jerome and Morris family collection.

Jerome Historic District.

Jerome schools.

Johnson family Correspondence. (1857-1887.)

Johnson, Clarence Elbert Study of the Administrative Organization and Finance of a Small City School System. (1927.)

Johnston, Alexander P. Dos Cabezas mining operations : correspondence. (1880-1883.)

Johnston, Phillip Mission to the Navajos. (1900-1912)

Jones Collection.

Jones, Ada Ekey (d.1960) Nogales history : manuscripts and correspondence. (1858-1959.)

Jones, Morris Hunter Immigration correspondence. (1906-1907.)

Jones, Richard D. : Papers

Jones, Thomas Foot Cattle and ranching records : ledger. (1882-1899.)

Jordan, Stella Myrte collection.

Julian, William A. (1865-1941) Family photographs. (1902-1930.)

Julian, William A. (1865-1941) Hardware company business records. (1894-1945.)

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Kannally, Lee

Kaup, B. F. Exposed Reef Mining operations : photographs. (1900.)

Kealy family Family photographs. (1910-1922.)

Kearny, Stephen Watts (1794-1848) New Mexico proclamation. (1846.)

Kelemen, Pal: Papers

Kelley Collection.

Kelley, Charles Collection. (1920s-1930s.)

Kelly, Roger Collection. (1907 - 1947.)

Kelly, William H. : Papers

Kemmeries, Fred A. (1897-1987) Immigration documents. (1896-1942.)

Kidder, Jeff (1875-1908) Correspondence, diaries, and personal papers. (1902-1908.)

King, Charles (1844-1933) Correspondence. (1924-1929.)

Kinney, Jack D. (1872-1949) Correspondence, financial records, speeches, photographs, printed materials. (1895-1955.)

Kinsey, Lura Photographs, ca. 1940 - ca. 1952. (1940-)

Kirkland, Jacob Herbert (1864-1947) Kirkland family materials. (1932-1940.)

Kirkland, William Hudson (1832-1910) Reminiscences. (1909-1982.)

Kite, Robert Edward Lee (d.1955) Personal military diaries. (1898-1899.)

Kitt, Edith Stratton (1878-1968) Kitt family papers and business records. (1888-1966.)

Kitt, George Roskruge (1906-1984) George Roskruge Kitt materials. (1934-1945.)

Knaus, Charle Lawrence (1902-1983) Diaries. (1933-1982.)

Kneipp, Leon Frederick (1880-1961) Correspondence, notes, memoranda. (1900-1965.)

Knipe, Dorothy (1887-1963) Personal papers. (1897-1963.)

Kramer, Cliff Photograph collection.

Krentz, Sara Dugan (d.1976) Photographs. (1897-1907.)

Kress, Samuel H. Collection

Ku Klux Klan. Yuma County Chapter. Publications, ephemera, and history.

Kuykendall, Karen Art Collection.

Kuykendall, Karen Ethnographic Doll Collection.

Kuykendall, Karen Notes on Victorian Architecture in Tucson and Nogales. (1958.)

Kuzell, Charles R. collection. (1930s.)

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Lambert, Elizabeth Woods

LaMoine, Don C. Photograph collection. (1900-1925.)

Landscape Architecture

Las Guijas Tungsten Mining Company Financial records. (1912-1913.)

Latin American Folk Art Collection (1976-onward)

Lawhon, Anna Papers and photographs.

Lawson, William Thornton Personal diary about mining activities. (1946.)

Lay, George Photograph collection.

Lea, Opie Rundle Burgess Bisbee, Ariz. : photograph album. (1880-1900.)

Leal, Francisco and Lomeli, Petra collection. (1920s-1940s)

Leatherwood, Robert Nelson (1844-1920) A.F. Paredes & Co. store: ledger of goods sold. (1897)

Lee Brothers Diary transcript, correspondence, articles, clippings, and photographs. (1946-1961.)

Lee, John Doyle (1812-1877) Personal papers. (1859-1876.)

Lescha Literary Society (Tucson, Ariz.) Records. (1899-1900.)

LeSueur, James Warren (1878-1948) Mormon pioneers and colonization papers. (1939.)

Lewis, Ansel, (1846-1929) Ellison family correspondence.

Lindsay, Alexander J. Tsegi Canyon area ruins. (1963.)

Lindsley, Stuart (1849-1941) Correspondence. (1882.)

Ling, Perry M. papers.

Lipchitz, Jacques Sketches and Models

List, George collection.

Literary Figures and Small Presses

Livingston Site Pre-historic collection (AD 1100-1200)

Local churches.

Lockwood, Frank C. Papers. (1913-1946.)

Loerpabel, Nora Six corridos, printed on flyers, concerning the Mexican Revolution period. (1910-1930.)

Lofgreen, Peter Anders (1848-1927) Autobiography. (1899-1919.)

Longacre, William A. : Kalinga Papers

Longacre,William A. Chicago Natural History Museum surface investigations of a pre-ceramic site, east-central Arizona.

Loring, George E. (1854-1932) Papers. (1875-1878.)

Loring, Madson R. Photos, field records, and biographies of Arizona pioneers.

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MacDougal, Daniel Trembly (1865-1958) Botanical research : papers and photographs. (1903-1932.)

Mackey, Malcolm Photograph collection.

Macneil, Donald A. Cochise Hardware and Trading Company documents. (1882-1894.)

Maddock, Thomas (1882-1971) Colorado River water rights : papers. (1915-1965.)

Mader and Pecharich collection. (1930s-1960s.)

Magee, Gene Papers. (1938-1960)

Magee, John Euclid Mining Company documents. (1864-1918)

Mahar, James Michael Research about Theos Casimir Bernard. (1926-1983.)

Mahoney, John collection.

Mallet, Carlie Collection.

Maloney celluloid comb colletion.

Mansfeld, Samuel J. Family history and business papers. (1922-1952)

Map Collection


Marshall, Larry Marsupial Dentition Collection.

Marteney, William M. Cattle ranching papers. (1888-1930)

Martin, Andrew P. Papers. (1901-1969)

Martin, Andrew P. Portrait and photograph collection. (1901-1969.)

Martin, Edith Peach Slaughter Biographical materials. (1905-1960.)

Martin, George (1883-1967) Papers. (1907-1978.)

Martin, Richard papers.

Mary Sue Hyatt and Nita Hardie Katchina Collection

Mason, Gertrude Freeman Papers. (1927-1963)

Mason, Peggy collection.

Mathews, Rena (1874-1962) Collection. (1910-1962.)

Maude, F. H. Photographs. (1920s.)

Maxey, Flynn M. (d.1973) Papers. (1856-1975.)

Maxon, Mason M. Papers. (1885-1904)

Mazzanovich, Anton (1860-1934) Military reminiscences. (1926-1934.)

McAllister, Frances V. Edward S. Curtis ephemera.

McCaffrey, James E. (1833-1875) Legal records. (1869-1871.)

McClellan miniatures.

McCord, Myron Hawley (1840-1908) Family portrait collection (1890-1908)

McCord, Warren Eugene (1847-1918) Manuscript. (1908-1908.)

McCormick, Richard Cunningham (1832-1901) Political papers. (1863-1902.)

McDonald, Lewis collection. (1920s-1950s.)

McDougall, Leslie (d.1986) Arizona highway system collection. (1947.)

McDowell, David Organs and organists of southern Arizona. (1985.)

McGregor, Thomas (1837-1921) Military photographs. (1890-1899.)

McKale, James Fred (1887-1967) University of Arizona athletics collection. (1902-1967.)

McKee, J. H. (b. 1879) Mining reports.

McKinney, Benjamin (1883-1971) Political and business materials. (1908-1967.)

McKinney, Durward Photograph collection, ca. 1918. (1918)

McMillan, John collection. (1950s.)

McNamee, Dorothy Davis (1907-1975) Correspondence. (1955-1974.)

McPhaul, Henry Harrison (d. 1948) Bemmer v. Pease collection. (1906.)

Medigovich, Sam V. City of Tombstone documents and correspondence. (1881-1974.)

Meehan, Joe Photograph collection.

Merrill, Nellie Arzberger (b. 1914) Biographical and historical information. (1957.)

Mesa Parks and Recreation photograph collection.

Mesa Police Department history.

Metzger, Harry Photograph collection.

Mexican expedition historical accounts. (1831-1857.)

Meyer, Charles Herman (1829-1903) Legal records. (1872-1903.)

Miami Copper Company Miami Copper Company photographs. (1917-1933.)

Michelsen, Ralph: Seri Papers

Midvale Collection.

Midvale, Frank collection.

Miles, Nelson Appleton (1839-1902) Papers. (1886-1902.)

Military records

Military Unit Collections

Millar, Leslie Creighton (1889-1924) Personal notebook. (1906-1907.)

Miller family history.

Miller, Harry E. (Two Guns) Biographical materials, correspondence, article "Songs of Navajo Sea."

Miller, James H. (b.1855) Personal reminiscences. (1881-1937.)

Miller, Loye Holmes (1874-1970) Collection. (1950-1970.)

Miller, Silver Carl (b. 1888) Family history. (1909-1963.)

Miller, Silver Carl (b. 1888) Family photographs. (1940-1949.)

Miller, William N. (1860) Personal correspondence. (1880-1936.)

Millican, Ada B. Photograph collection. (1895-1900.)

Milton, Jefferson Davis (1861-1947) Diaries and manuscripts. (1920-1962.)

Ming family Collection. (1915-1942.)

Mining in Arizona.

Minty family history.

Moctezuma Copper Company Collection. (1923-1930.)

Model collection.

Mofford, Rose Gallery. (20th Century)

Mogollon ceramic collection.

Monro, Elbert Clark (1897-1962) Collection (1901-1946.)

Montgomery, Mary Jones Photographs. (1910-1920.)

Moreno, Benito Collection. (1882-1942.)

Morrill, Earl William Photographs. (1910-1920.)

Morris, Earl Halstead (1889-1956), Photograph portfolio. (1920-1929.)

Morrison, Robert Emmet (1856-1927) Correspondence. (1898-1899.)

Morton, Charles (1846-1914) Correspondence. (1870-1909.)

Mott, Harvey L. (1906-1960) Manuscript. (1866-1944.)

Mountain View Hotel (Oracle, Ariz.) Hotel register. (1895-1918.)

Mowry Mines Company Business documents. (1903-1907.)

Mueller Site Prehistoric Collection (AD 1150 – 1450)

Mueller Site Prehistoric Collection (AD 1150 – 1450) Shogur Ruin Pre-historic Collection (AD 950 – 1150)

Mullins, Moon. Fire photograph collection.

Munro Ferguson family Personal correspondence. (1905-1919.)

Munro, George A. Gold-miner's diary. (1849-1850.)

Murphey, John W. (1898-1977) Business papers. (1921-1951.)

Murray, Bredett C. (1837-1924) Collection. (1860-1880.)

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N. W. Bernard & Co. Business documents. (1878-1887.)

Naegle family Reminiscences and family history. (1880-1968.)

Navajo Nation Police Department Arrest records. (1941-1942.)

Neal, William Collection. (1849-1936.)

Neff, Mary Lawson (b. 1862) Biographical material and medical articles. (1885-1935.)

New Century Mining Company Business documents. (1931-1934.)

Newby, Ruby Warren (1886-1952) 261 Art Gallery scrapbook. (1948-1953.)

Nichols, Charles A. (1878-1970) Historical manuscripts. (1950-1950.)

Nichols, Isaac Franklin (1873-1947) Collection. (1923.)

Nichols, Lillian M. Photograph collection.

Nisbet invertebrate collection.

Nitchman, Paul E. : Papers

Nogales and Old Glory Wagon Road Legal papers. (1894-1897.)

Northern Arizona Pioneers Historical Society Photograph collection.

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Obermuller, Joseph L. (1864-1947) Personal reminiscences. (1884-1905.)

Ocotillo Site Pre-historic & Historic Collection (AD 1800’s)

Old Pueblo Club (Tucson, Arizona) Club records. (1907-1932.)

Olea, Agnes Halleck (1879-1973) Reminiscences. (1957.)

Oral History collection

Orndorff Hotel (Tucson, Arizona) Hotel registers. (1910-1931.)

Osgood, Dora (d.1941) Manuscript. (1935-1941.)

Otero family history and legal documents. (1807-1957.)

Oury, William S. (1817-1887) Papers. (1874-1888.)

Overland trip to California, 1849 Manuscript. (1849)

Owens, William A. Papers. (1898.)

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Pacheco, Ignacio Antonio (1775-1850) Cattle brand registration. (1818.)

Pack Family Collection. (1908-1919.)

Painter, Muriel Thayer: Papers, 1939-1975

Palace Hotel (Tucson, Arizona) Hotel register. (1877-1879.)

Palmer, Edward (1831-1911) Collection. (1866-1872.)

Palomino, Juan Legal document. (1865-1885.)

Park, Jesse Correspondence. (1870-1885.)

Parker Mortuary (Tucson, Arizona) Mortuary ledgers. (1898-1912.)

Parks, Betty Photograph collection.

Parsons, Emma Follin (b. 1880) Republican Committee papers.

Parsons, Mildred F. (1885-1974) Military and political papers. (1956-1973.)

Patagonia Territorial School School register. (1901-1902.)

Patton, John J. (1848-1931) Correspondence. (1882-1884.)

Pecharich, Joseph Timothy collection. (1940s-1950s.)

Pecharich, Phil and Betty collection. (1950s.)

Peck, Anne Merriman (1884-1976) Artwork created by Peck. (1929-1950.)

Pennington family Diary and Geronimo Hotel records. (1903-1950.)

Penn-Mor Company photograph collection. (1960s-1970s.)

Perpich, Eva and Joseph papers.

Personal documents and information

Peticolas, A.B. Sketchbook and typescript. (1862-1863.)

Pfeffer, Kurt papers. (1920s.)

Pfeiffer, C. Leonard Collection

Phelps Dodge collection. (1930-1955.)

Phelps Dodge Collection. (1930s)

Phelps Dodge Corporation: Copper Queen Branch. Payroll ledgers. (1885-1919.)

Phelps Dodge documents. (1940s.)

Photograph Collections

Pieper, August Business papers. (1884-1905.)

Pima County Documents. (1864-1985.)

Pima County Post-War Planning Board Official documents. (1943-1953.)

Pima County Sheriff's Department Sheriff's License Tax Report (1886-1898.)

Pinacate Peak Summit guest book. (1968-1984.)

Pinal County Ledgers. (1905-1918.)

Pioneer history of Mesa.

Pittman, George H. Ray Mines history. (1963-1963.)

Platten, Mary Ford Photograph album, early 1900s. (1900-)

Poore, June R. Photograph collection, ca. 1900.

Pope, Charles S. Fort Yuma history. (1965.)

Poston Relocation Center Internment camp records. (1944-1962.)

Poston, Charles Debrille (1825-1902) Collection. (1844-1891.)

Potter, Eugenia Arizona photographers: research and history. (1979.)

Power family Power Brothers Shootout: documents. (1918-1990.)

Powers, Frank Diaries. (1883-1891.)

Pow-Wow photograph collection, 1960s.

Prina, Z.C. (1862-1922) Collection. (1894-1918.)

Pritchard, J. G. Book collection. (1927)

Proebstel family Collection. (1929-1932.)

Putnam, Everett E. (1862-1948) Reminiscences. (1931-1947.)

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Quarter Circle One Ranch Collection (AD 850 – 1250)

Quechan Indians Photographs. (1900-1930.)

Quijotoa Mining District Collection. (1872-1902.)

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Radetich, Joseph papers.

Railroad history.

Raine, William MacLeod (1871-1854) Publishing information. (1916-1933.)

Rak, Charles L. (d. 1958) Ranching records. (1927-1938.)

Rasch, Philip J. Collection. (1957-1986.)

Raymond, Edith (b. 1911) Buehman Studio photographs. (1930-1939.)

Read-Strauss family Photographs. (1880-1920.)

Reavis, James Addison (1843-1914) Peralta land grant documents. (1886.)

Reber, Louis collection.

Reichard, Gladys A. Personal papers and sandpainting materials. (1920s - 1950s.)

Reichard, Gladys A. Sand painting materials. (1905 - 1947.)

Reynolds, Albert S. (1863-1941) Collection. (1926-1936.)

Reynolds, Albert S. (1863-1941) Photograph collection. (1885-1920.)

Rhodes, Rosa Ronquillo (1894-1982) Diaries. (1946-1980.)

Rice family Correspondence. (1912-1919.)

Rice, Michael M. (b. 1853) Collection. (1911-1936.)

Richardson, Cecil Photograph collection. (1954.)

Richardson, Gladwell Photograph collection.

Riddell, Robert M. (d. 1972) Sunshine Climate Club photographs. (1955-1962.)

Riell, Robert Barclay (d. 1972) Reminiscences. (1896-1917.)

Ringgold, Jennie Parks (b. 1875) Arizona history photograph collection. (1870-1940.)

Ringgold, Jennie Parks (b. 1875) Personal and legal documents. (1879-1953.)

Ringgold, Jennie Parks (b. 1875) Portrait and photograph collection. (1870-1940.)

Riordan family collection.

Roberts, Clara Fish (1876-1965) Family documents. (1870-1940.)

Roberts, James F. collection.

Robinson, Marjorie Photograph album, ca. 1909 - 1914. (1904-1914)

Robinson, Samuel (1825-1907) Diary and letter. (1861.)

Robles, Carlos Legal case files. (1927-1945.)

Rockfellow, Annie Graham (1866-1954) Architectural photographs. (1919-1938.)

Rockfellow, John A. (1857-1947) Personal and business papers. (1879-1935.)

Rockfellow, John A. (1857-1947) Photograph collection. (1890-1908.)

Rodriguez, Joe Photograph collection.

Rodriguez, Jose (1891-1991) Photographs. (1915-1920.)

Ronstadt family Collection. (1862-1960.)

Rorick, Harry F. Betatakin Trading Post : ephemera (1940s.)

Roscoe, Everett papers. (1916.)

Roskruge, George James (1845-1928) Account ledgers. (1880-1885.)

Roskruge, George James (1845-1928) Photograph collection. (1890-1900)

Roskruge, George James (1845-1928) Surveying documents. (1872-1900.)

Rube, B. Johnny (b. 1937) Yuma law enforcement history. (1977-1987.)

Ruggles, Levi (1824-1889) Personal papers. (1872-1884.)

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Sabichi family Business and personal documents. (1858-1935.)

Safford, A.P.K. (1830-1931) Biographical and personal documents. (1870-1892.)

Salado ceramic collection.

Samaniego family Business and personal documents. (1869-1935.)

Sanatorium photograph album. (1920-1929.)

Sanderson, Frank papers.

Santa Catalina Mountains (Arizona) Photographs. (1900-1910.)

Santa Cruz County (Arizona) Court records. (1899-1919.)

Santa Rita Hotel Hotel register. (1881-1888.)

Sarrels, Hudson Oran (1880-1967) Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen ledger. (1903-1904.)

Satterwhite, Thomas D. (1851-1905) Legal correspondence. (1895-1896.)

Saturday Morning Musical Club Ephemera and documents. (1904-1947.)

Saturday Morning Musical Club Performer portraits. (1920-1930.)

Sawyer, Eugene M. Correspondence. (1910-1912.)

Sayles, Edwin Booth: Papers, 1913-1977

Schieffelin, Edward Lawrence (1847-1897) Biographical material. (1877-1893.)

Schirmer, Robert collection

Schneider, Gustav van Hemert (1885-1951) Personal documents and photographs. (1903-1930.)

Schumaker, Ivah B. (1891-1970) Personal and biographical information. (1942-1970.)

Scott, M. C. Collection. (1930s.)

Scott, William Fisher (1831-1914) Account ledger. (1877-1908.)

Scott-McMillan Mortuary Records.

Sedelmayr, Jacobo (1703-1779) Exploration reports. (1744-1751.)

Sells Service Women Organization documents. (1962-1966.)

Selmes family Family correspondence and diaries. (1860-1940.)

Shattuck, Lemuel Coover (1866-1938) Business records and correspondence. (1898-1934.)

Shaw, William (b. 1831) Manuscript of reminiscences. (1897-1901.)

Shibell family Biographical materials and correspondence. (1887-1945.)

Shidler, Rosemary DeCamp collection.

Sieber, Al Personal papers and biographical information. (1888-1907.)

Sierra Vista Collection.

Simpson, Claudette collection.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Sister Monica's diary. (1870.)

Skinner, George Washington (1852-1918) Personal diary. (1890.)

Small, William Arden (1894-1975) Publisher's business records. (1943-1969.)

Smalley, George Herbert (1872-1956) Personal and professional documents. (1899-1922.)

Smalley, Harvey Daniel (1877-1951) Personal correspondence. (1897-1901.)

Smith, John T. (d. 1877) Personal correspondence.

Smith, Marcus Aurelius (1851-1924) Correspondence and political speeches. (1880-1917.)

Smith, Rebecca and George papers.

Smith, W. Forrest. collections.

Smith, W.H. Court transcript of W.H. Smith's robbery trial. (1885.)

Smith, Watson: Papers, 1937-1988

Sonoran and Sinaloan Imprints Governmental documents. (1824-1873.)

Sota, Francisco de la Manuscript. (1706-1712.)

Souter, E.B.G. World War I machine gun manuals. (1890-1935.)

Southern Arizona Hiking Club Club registers. (1965-1969.)

Southern Arizona views Photograph collection. (1902.)

Southern Pacific Railroad Documents. (1878-1927.)

Southwest Americana

Southwest Collection

Southwest Folklore Collection

Southwest map collection.

Soza family Genealogical and historical information. (1965-1985.)

Spanish collonial collection.

Spanish colonial legal documents. (1688-1693.)

Spanish documents Legal and religious documents. (1693-1854.)

Speed, William Slaughter (1871-1926) Correspondence and documents. (1900-1948.)

Spencer, Charles H. Letters, reports on Crater Lake Irrigation Project.

Spicer, Edward H. and Rosamond B. : Papers

Spring, John Arnold (1845-1925) Reminiscences and biographical materials. (1876-1903.)

Springer, Carl (Mrs.) Photograph collection.

SRP Collection.

Staehle, William C. Correspondence and legal documents. (1892-1900.)

Staley, Frank W. Photograph Collection.

Stanley, Bruce Macy (1872-1957) Southern Pacific Railroad business correspondence. (1902-1950.)

Starkweather, Merritt H. (1891-1972) Architectural drawings. (1934-1975.)

Stearns, Abel (1798-1871) Colorado River ferry conflict documents. (1850.)

Stemmer, Charles collection. (1940s.)

Stevens, Daniel C. (b. 1846) Business correspondence. (1882-1917.)

Stevens, Hiram Stanford (1832-1893) Real estate and mining company documents. (1856-1884.)

Steward, Columbus S. (1857-1940) Business documents. (1884-1904.)

Stickle, Leonard R. Pascua Yaquis: Photographs and portraits. (1960-1969.)

Stoddard, Isaac Taft (1851-1914) Government correspondence. (1901-1903.)

Stoner, Victor Rose (1893-1957) Spanish Southwest history collection. (1905-1963.)

Stratton, Emerson Oliver (1846-1925) Personal documents. (1890-1918.)

Strauss family Correspondence and personal documents. (1870-1959.)

Sturgis, Ralph Weatherbee (1878-1961) Biographical and genealogical material. (1904-1961.)

Styles, William Samuel (1850-1943) Biographical material. (1883-1901.)

Sullivan family papers.

Sullivan, John M. papers.

Sullivan, Muriel K. Home Economics Extension memorabilia. (1964-1968.)

Summerhayes, Martha (1844-1926) Cookbooks. (1885-1925.)

Summers, Sue H. Reminiscences. (1925.)

Sunshine Climate Club Club documents. (1922-1925.)

Sutler Store papers (1872-1875)

Swain, Ben Manuscript and correspondence. (1854.)

Sweitzer, Mary Photograph Collections.

Switzer, William H. Photographic collection, 1916. (1916.)

Sykes family Correspondence and manuscripts. (1892-1962.)

Sykes, Ardelle, and Agnes Anderson Photograph collection.

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Tamitti, Felix papers.

Tanner, Clara Lee: Papers

Tapia, Maria Francisca Xavier de Cookbook. (1819.)

Tapie, Etienne Business papers and personal correspondence. (1873-1916.)

Tarahumara Special Collections.

Tate, Albert E. Photograph collection.

Taylor, Jared D. Business and legal records. (1910-1923.)

Taylor, Rosemary Drachman (b. 1899) Radio program notes. (1931-1949.)

Taylor, Tom collection.

Taylor, Walter Penn (1888-1972) US Biological Survey photographs. (1927-1934.)

Taylor, Zeke collection. (1950-1990.)

Tempe Land and Improvement Company Company report. (1908.)

Temple, Walter H. Missionary diary. (1896-1900.)

Tenney, Ammon M. (1844-1925) Correspondence and diaries. (1884-1923.)

Tevis, James Henry (1835-1905) Personal letter. (1885.)

Thacker, Velma (b. 1888) Diaries and financial records. (1919-1955.)

Thomas, Dorothea Photograph collection.

Thomas, George Henry (1816-1870) Fort Yuma inspections correspondence. (1854.)

Thompson, George W. Diary. (1849-1850.)

Thompson, Raymond H. : Papers

Tom, Soleng (b. 1911) Chinese-owned businesses: photographs. (1937-1945.)

Tombstone Mining District Business documents. (1881-1938.)

Tompkins, Edith Pioneer cemetery records. (1958-1961.)

Tonge, Phylena Wallace (1827-1912) Reminiscences. (1827-1866.)

Tonge, William Hopkins (1824-1902) Legal documents. (1868-1869.)

Torrance, Robert F. Business documents and correspondence. (1898-1917.)

Torres, Alva Bustamante (b. 1932) Politcal organizations: documents. (1960-1989.)

Town and Gown Club Meeting minutes. (1924-1957.)

Town of Jerome collection. (1920s-1930s.)

Trennert, Robert A., Jr. Flagstaff Lumber Company Railroad collection. (1880s - 1960s.)

Trischka, Carl (1884-1969) Geological and archaeological manuscripts. (1933-1969.)

Tritle, Frederick Augustus (1833-1906) Newspapers and correspondence. (1880-1883.)

Troy Pewe river cobble reference collection.

Truman, Alice (b. 1922) Political materials. (1950-1993.)

Truman, George E. (1865-1929) Personal and business papers. (1888-1930.)

Tucson Aerial Views US Army Signal Corps photographs. (1924.)

Tucson Automobile Club Ledger. (1910-1912.)

Tucson Committee for Interracial Organizational documents. (1943-1945.)

Tucson Electric Power Company Ephemera collection. (1925-1976.)

Tucson Festival Society Organization documents. (1949-1996.)

Tucson Fire Department Ledger. (1886-1891.)

Tucson Football Cowboys Organization documents. (1957-1958.)

Tucson Garden Club Club records. (1935-1940.)

Tucson Grocer Company Ledger. (1905-1907.)

Tucson Indian Training School School records. (1888-1953.)

Tucson Little Theater Ephemera and administrative materials. (1926-1951.)

Tucson Planning & Zoning Commission Business documents. (1958-1969.)

Tucson Police Department Records of Arrest. (1894-1973.)

Tucson Property Register Registrar's report. (1862-1864.)

Tucson Rapid Transit Company Ledgers and correspondence. (1898-1946.)

Tucson Woman's Club Organizational materials. (1932-1953.)

Tucson-Pima Historical Commission Organizational materials and ephemera. (1971-1996.)

Tullar, Robert S. (1915-1993) Correspondence and legal documents. (1953-1979.)

Tullar, Robert S. (1915-1993) Photograph collection. (1904-1906.)

Tully, Charles Hopkins (1852-1923) Family history and correspondence. (1917-1920.)

Turney, Omar. Frank Midvale ceramic collection.

Twin Buttes Railroad Company Account ledgers. (1906-1910.)


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Udall, Don T. (1898-1976) Family papers and correspondence. (1946-1963.)

Udall, Orma Phelps (b. 1901) Udall family biographical and genealogical material. (1900-1960.)

Udall, Orma Phelps : photographs, ca. 1880-1930. (1880-1930)

Uhler, H.N. Personal reminiscences. (1873-1888.)

United Power Company records.

United States Marshal’s Office, Arizona Official documents and correspondence. (1890-1924.)

United States Post Office records. (1896-1940.)

United States Post Office, Helvetia, Arizona Mail ledger. (1901-1904.)

United States. Geological Survey Photograph collection.

United States. Works Progress Administration. Statewide Archaeological Projects: Records

United Verde Copper Company papers.

United Verde Extension Company papers. (1920s-1930s.)

United Verde Mining Company collection.

University of Arizona Archives

Upper Verde Public Utilities records. (1930-1952. Bulk of records from 1931-1933.)

US Adjutant-General's Office Ledgers. (1868-1875.)

US Army Quartermaster Corps Correspondence.

US Army Quartermaster Corps Correspondence. (1899-1900.)

US Army Signal Corps Ledger. (1892-1893.)

US Army Southern Arizona Territory Reports. (1862-1871.)

US Bureau of Immigration Chinese deportation proceedings. (1905-1907.)

US Bureau of Indian Affairs, San Carlos Administrative documents. (1880-1930.)

US Customs Service, Nogales District Administrative documents and correspondence. (1892-1977.)

US District Court, Arizona Prison warrants. (1931-1932.)

UVX Mining Company Records.

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Vail, Edward L. (1849-1936) Business papers. (1875-1935.)

Valley of the Moon Amusement Park Business records. (1935-1983.)

Van Arman, Hiram M. (1839-1904) Legislative information. (1882-1883.)

Van Ryder, Jack (1899-1967) Personal and legal documents. (1927-1969.)

Van Valkenburgh, Richard F. Business records. (1928-1950.)

Vary, Marien S. Collection. (1901 - 1903.)

Verde Valley Garden Club collection. (1970-1990.)

Verdugo collection.

Verkamp, Rose Wirthlin Photographic collection, 1910. (1910)

Vickers, Elmer Francis (1887-1967) Labor union materials. (1960-1967.)

Virginia Hotel Hotel registers. (1890-1910.)

Von Schoech, Konrad Mining and medical documents. (1913-1957.)

Voris, Mark H. Pen-and-ink drawings. (1935-1936.)

Vosburg, John Selah (1840-1931) Mining documents and reminiscences. (1878-1920.)

Voth, Henry R. Photographs of Hopi. (1900 - 1965.)

Vulture Mining and Milling Company Business documents and photographs. (1931-1942.)

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Wadsworth, H.G. Travel journal. (1853.)

Waidelich, Jesse R. USS Arizona memorabilia. (1927-1934.)

Wales, Hazel Doty Personal history of Joseph Doty. (1844-1896.)

Walker, Henry Personal and family correspondence. (1890-1921.)

Walker, John D. Business correspondence. (1885-1887.)

Walker, John George (1822-1893) Fort Defiance reconnaissance report. (1859.)

Walker, Mark Photograph collection. (1899-1914.)

Wallace, Norman G. (1885-1983) Photograph collection. (1931-1940.)

Wallace, Norman Grant (1895-1983) Arizona scenery photographs. (1933-1936.)

Wallace, Thomas S. Military reports. (1868-1878.)

Walsh, Mary Eileen Murphy (1881-1964) Diaries and correspondence. (1913-1964.)

Wardwell, William Lanterman (1857-1886) Personal correspondence. (1885-1886.)

Warner, J.J. (1807-1895) Correspondence and text of speech. (1853; 1888.)

Warner, Solomon (1811-1899) Correspondence and business records. (1860s.)

Warren, Bacil B. Radio scripts. (1948-1952.)

Water Records.

Watson, Editha L. Collection. (1964.)

Weakly, Ward F. : Papers

Weinberger, Jacob (1882-1974) Arizona pioneer history. (1911-1968.)

Wells photograph collection.

Wenck, Harold Edgar (b. 1896) Greeting cards. (1937.)

Werhan, Ron Photograph collection.

Western Speleological Institute Collection.

Western Ways Feature Service Collection. (1930-1965.)

Westerners. Tucson Corral Club materials. (1953-1996.)

Wetherill, John Correspondence, notebooks, and photographs.

Wetherill, Louisa Wade Navajo materials (ca. 1915 - ca. 1920s.)

Wheeler, C.C. (1858-1941) Local history: manuscripts. (1930-1939.)

Wheeler, E. P., II. letters. (1923.)

Whelan, William (1843-1908) Reminiscences. (1869-1936.)

White, Frederick Emerson (1856-1933) Business documents and photographs. (1894-1927.)

Whiting, A. F. Havasupai field records. (1940-1941, 1952)

Wilbur, Reuben Augustus (1840-1882) US Office of Indian Affairs : correspondence. (1879-1921.)

Wiley, Annie Sullivan (1865-1957) Legal documents. (1881-1891.)

Wiley, Joseph Lee (1863-1947) Personal and political materials. (1894-1930.)

Willard Hotel, Tucson, Arizona Hotel registers. (1902-1904.)

William Sage Collection

Williams Air Force Base archival collection.

Williams, James Robert (1888-1957) Cartoons: Arizona Daily Star. (1925-1941.)

Williamson, Daniel R. (1863-1940) Arizona history : manuscripts and articles. (1899-1940.)

Willis, Nancy Cedenia Bagley Family reminiscences. (1913-1924.)

Wilson, Mary Bancroft Guerin Family history. (1950-1971.)

Windes, Romulus Adolphus (1849-1932) Correspondence and manuscripts. (1931-1932.)

Wingfield papers (1880s)

Winkelman Town Council Meeting minutes. (1916-1923.)

Winn, Frederic (1880-1945) US Forest Service materials. (1902-1942.)

Winsor, Mulford (1874-1956) Personal and business correspondence. (1909-1956.)

Winters collection.

Wise, Joseph Enos (1867-1952) Business papers. (1879-1922.)

Witherell, William Frank Legal documents and correspondence. (1872-1883.)

Woman's Home Council of Missions (Tucson, Arizona) Council documents. (1928-1944.)

Women in the Indian Wars Armies

Women's Christian Temperance Union (Tucson, Arizona) Organizational materials. (1885-1937.)

Women's Overseas Service League, Tucson Unit Organizational materials. (1935-1959.)

Women's Universal Benevolent Association Membership ledger. (1895-1896.)

Wood, Charles Morgan (d. 1927) Manuscripts: Arizona history. (1923-1927.)

Wood, Leonard (1860-1927) Fort Huachuca report. (1887.)

Woodbury, Richard B. and Nathalie F. S. : Papers

Woodley, William J. Business records. (1863.)

Woods, Mary Emilie Holman (d. 1933) Personal correspondence. (1872-1925.)

Woody, Clara T. (1885-1981) Historical research. (1920-1979.)

Wool, John Ellis (1784-1869) Military correspondence. (1854-1855.)

World War II and Arizona.

Worthington, James Cheston (1853-1896) Personal correspondence. (1879-1880.)

Wright, Barton Photograph collection.

Wright, Harriet S. (1841-1932) Personal reminiscences. (1850-1911.)

Wright, John B. (1872-1934) Legal documents and correspondence. (1924-1927.)

Wujovich, Mike Filip papers.

Wupatki collection. (1930s.)

Wyman, Leland C. Sandpaintings in watercolors. (1950s?)

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Yavapai County Chamber of Commerce Ledgers and meeting minutes. (1910-1939.)

Young Men's Christian Association (Tucson, Arizona) Meeting minutes. (1914-1921.)

Young, Herbert papers.

Young, Mannierre E. Photographs: Tucson area. (1916-1921.)

Young, Stewart M. Collection. (ca. 1909 - 1912)

Yuma County, Arizona Legal documents and transcripts. (1871-1909)

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Zahniser, Jack L. : Papers

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